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你好,高兴帮助你.请采纳,谢谢!!Here on earth, joy is yours.这句话的意思是:在地球上,快乐是你(自己)的.joy 快乐,愉悦 here on earth 字面意思是:在地球上 也可以引申翻译为: 在人间


c,bring. bring 是带来的意思.明天我们将要用词典,请把你们的词典带来.再看看别人怎么说的.

of 表情 ……的,所以of后一定是一个名词,而your是物主代词,yours才表情你的某个东西,是名词


this king金soft山 pron. (pl. these[Ti:z]) 这, 这个 这事, 这人 下述(或上述的事情) 这里, 这时 后者(前者用that)(常有承上启下的作用, 而that一般只能承上) This is yours. 这是你的. What is all this about? 这是怎么回事? The

Here I am babyThe one who swore to never yieldHere I am babyThe one who swore to play the fieldSaid I wouldn't let no man tie me down, not a single one nowWasn't gonna ever give my heart to a mother's son nowMany a day I proudly stated the


(_Our_)classroom is here.yours is over there.

《Right Here》.歌词:Baby, i'm here, i'm here to stayI ain't going nowhereI know you're scared cause you've been hurtBaby it's alrightLost in your eyes everytime that you look in mineI promise to be all that you needI won't leave you babyNo cause I

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