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it must BElong to CArlA

Why Go to School?School is one of the first social situations that you go to outside your family.Your attitudes are deeply shaped by the type of education you receive,by the personalities of your school and its teachers,and by the suitability of the

是的, 写作平时还是需要多练,可以借助一些写作辅助工具,比如易改.百度下,免费下个试试

It can't belong to carla.(must 一定,表肯定;can't 一定不,表否定)

It must belong to Carla. 它一定属于Carla.= It must (be Carla's).它一定是Carla的(东西).

维克多的的隔壁邻居,,,我们小镇的每个人都觉得没有全文无法翻译.不是家长不是学生 不是老师 没有课本所以 不给内容无法翻译


It must belong to CarlaThis afternoon ,my friend Mary finds a backpack on the desk."Oh!What's this?"says Mary."Ennnnn,it might be a backpack.But it belong to.."I said."I don't know,oh!Here,look here.There is ahairband.""I see,so it

Have a red jacket on the playground Chinese fir, I think it must not Lily, Lily don't like to wear a jacket because it is over, it does not belong to the Ann, because Ann doesn't like red, I think it could be a Carol, because Carol is playing on the playground.祝你学习进步哦!

It must belong to Carla.它一定属于Carla.= It must (be Carla's).它一定是Carla的(东西).


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