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gEt sB to Do sth造句

1. 让某人去做某事 get sb to do sth 让某人去做某事 she gets me to buy book with her. 2. 让某人做某事 encourage sb to do sth 鼓励某人去做某事get sb to do sth. 让某人做某事invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人做某事3. 要某人做某事 getget sb to do sth 要某人做某事get along with (事情)进展,过日子,(与人)和睦相处4. 使某人做某事 为了…的利益get sb to do sth 使某人做某事come up with


Get to there,and you will get ti.Let us do homework together.I hope to go swimming next week.

He told Tommy to enter his office.My mom tells me not to break up the flower vase.His father told him study harder to get the best grades next time.John tells everyone to participate in his birthday party.Sarah tells her younger brother to try to smile.

I help her to find out the problem in her studying.to也可以申略的 望采纳

get sb. doing sth.和get sb. to do sth都有使某人某事的意思, 这里面穿插了些动名词v-ing 和动词不定式 to do 时态以及动作的先后问题 动名词v-ing 在时间上一般表示 正在做, 而不定时在时间上表示,想去做,但是还没做,也就是未完成. get sb. doing sth. 表示那人已经叫了那人去某事,且那人在做. get sb. to do sth 表示还没去叫某人去做某事,只是有这个想法,,准备要去让某人做某事.

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get sb to do sth

i get everything ready, let's play basketball. 望采纳

get sb to do sth让某人做某事例句:1.Persuade sb to do sth, esp. sth wrong or unwise. 劝说,怂恿某人做某事.2.How long does it take sb to do sth? 某人花费多长时间做某事?

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