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be addicted to与get addicted to的区别:1、be addicted to 意思是沉溺于,上瘾……后面常接名词或是动词的ing形式,是惯用用法,to在这里是介.2、get addicted to 对某事上瘾,后面跟的是具体的事情.拓展资料 be addicted to1、If you can't

沉溺于 i am addicted to English Study

意思是:沉浸于 对上瘾如果有其他需要帮忙的,尽管找我【望采纳】,谢谢

addicted to love

这个问题还是愚公老李来解答下:get addicted to 这个短语中 to 是个介词,它的后面是要接名词、代词或动名词的.它不是不定式,这点容易与不定式混淆,需要特别记住的.与这个短语类似的短语还有:get down to , look forward to , get used to , lead to 等等.它们的后面都是接名词、代词或动名词,而不能接动词原形.这也是一个语法的重点.希望这个解答能帮到你.

1 When heard the bad news he ran away right off. 2 John and Mary moved in a new house. 3 Some drug addicts shoot up drugs into their bodies. 4 Several bad guyes often hang out here. 5 Tom rose to beat the dog. 6 He is badly addicted to drugs.

People become interested in a certain thing and soon get bored with it easily.人们对一件事感兴趣,而不久又很容易对它感到厌烦.

I will get dressed before noon.我将在中午之前穿好衣服.I get dressed quickly every morning.每天早晨我很快就穿好衣服.Get dressed and come downstairs at once!立刻穿好衣服下楼来!He could not wash himself or get dressed.他不能自己洗脸或穿衣. 祝您学习进步,更上一层楼!请记得采纳,谢谢!(*^__^*)

He got to the railway station two hours ago.他两小时前到达火车站.

despite nasty how difficult, he will go to overcome哪怕有多大的困难,他都会去克服despite nasty days, i will fall down哪怕天塌下来我也会顶住despite nasty even if he did wrong, also can't beat him哪怕他做错了也不能打他despite nasty failed also

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