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Since I came to middle school, I have to learn so many subjects, at first, I could not catch up with my classmates, I felt so worried. So I decided to keep studying every night. After finishing dinner, I went to my bedroom and did my homework. But when I

七年级下册英语周报2015-2016答案26期 回答 2 3 英语周报2015-2016七年级下册37期答案 回答 2 4 英语周报八年级下册答案2015-2016第44期答案 回答 2 5 英语周报2015~2016八年级下册45期答案 回


为你解答.(一)1、Betty was very sad because she failed the exam.2、Lucy looks as beautiful as Lily.3、Tom is afraid of dogs.(二)1、Linda's brother broke her favourite doll.2、Please care for my cat while I'm away.3、Jack was able to ride a bike at the age of ten.

参考答案:1-5 DDAAD 6-10 CBBDC 11-15 CDBDB16-20 DABBC 21-25 CABBC 26-30 BACCD31-35 BCADD 36. invent 37. geography 38. hero 39. spoon 40. camel41. covered 42. dangerous 43. twentieth 44. stand out 45. Pollution 46. They

26~31 DACBAD37~41 ADDAA感叹一句 我视力真好刚写完翻译过来的大二学姐

英语周报高二课标2015-2016第34期答案解析Book 7 Unit 2 参考答案及部分解析参考答案1-5 ABABC 6-10CABCA11-15 CBACB 16-20BCAAB21-25 BDBDB 26-30ADBCC31-35 ACCBB 36-40AFCDE41-45 BCADC 46-50ADBCD51-55

I. 1-5 BAACBII. 1. habit 2. century 3. instead 4. tired 5.fresh 6. fruitIII. 1. really 2. staying 3. sports 4. listening 5. HealthyIV. 1. build us up 2. insteadof 3. gets tired easily 4. Healthy eating habits 5. doing exerciseV. 1-5 BCCAAVI. My friend Jack wasfat

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