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原形 过去式 过去分词 baby-sit临时照顾 baby-sat baby-sat be(am/is/are)是 was/were been beat 击打 beat beaten become 变成 became become begin 开始 began begun bend 使弯曲 bent bent bet 赌 bet bet bite 咬 bit bitten/bit blow 吹 blew blown

be were/was break broke bring brought build built burn burnt buy bought can could catch caught choose chose come came cost cost deal dealt do did draw drew drink drank drive drove eat ate fall fell feed fed feel felt fight fought fly flew forget forgot get got go went give gave have had

put---putting hit ---hitting let ---letting set---setting get---getting have---having sit ---sitting win---winning begin---beginning swim---swimming eat ---eatting give---giving take---taking write---writing 以上动词除了以e结尾的去e+ing外,其余都是以元+辅结尾的,双写最后一个字母+ing

1.get up got up 起床2.have lunch had lunch 吃午饭3.go home went home 回家4.go to bed went to bed 去睡觉5.go to school went to school 去学校 TV watched TV 看电视 games played games 玩游戏8.go to a movie went to a movie 去

我是六年级的,规则的书上有,以下是不规则的希望对你有用:小学常用不规则动词过去式 原形 过去式 中文释义 am was 是(表示存在、状态等) are were 是(表示存在、状态等) become became 成为;变成 begin began 开始 break broke

beginbegan,drinkdrank,givegave,ringrang,singsang,sitsat,swimswam drivedrove,riderode,writewrote ,drawdrew,growgrew,knowknew,throwthrew showshowed,getgot,forgetforgot ,feedfed,meetmet ,keep 2.wash---washed 3.clean---cleaned 5.visit---visited 7.cook---cooked 8.go---went 12.swim---swam 13.learn---learned 14.sing---sang

给你不规则的先原型 过去式 过去分词 be was/were been (be动词)do did done (助动词)speak spoke spoken (讲话)read read read (阅读)cut cut cut (切) cost cost cost (花费)go went gone (去,走)feel felt felt (感觉)dig dug dug

be was / were been bear bore born / borne beat beat beaten / beat become became become befall befell befallen begin began begun behold beheld beheld bend bent bent bet bet / betted bet / betted bid bid bid bind bound bound bite bit bitten

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