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序号 汉语 原形 过去式 过去分词 A B C 形式1 喝 drink drank drunk 2 摇铃,打电话 ring rang rung 3 唱歌 sing sang sung 4 游泳 swim swam swum 5 开始 begin began begun 6 落下 fall fell fallen 7 生长 grow grew grown 8 知道 know knew known

一、AAA型(原形→原形→原形) 原形 过去式 过去分词 汉语意思 read read read 读 cut cut cut 切,割 let let let 让 put put put 放 cost cost cost 花费,值 hit hit hit 撞,击 set set set 安排,安置 hurt hurt hurt 使…伤痛 二、ABA型(原形→过去式→原

made took

不规则变化动词表: 原形 过去式 过去分词 be was/were been begin began begun bring brought brought buy bought bought catch caught caught come came come cut cut cut do did done draw drew drawn drink drank drunk drive drove driven eat


jump-jumpedtalk-talkedplay-playedlook-lookedwatch-watchedclimb-climbedcook-cookeddance-dancedstay -stayedlearn-learned祝你学习进步

(1)一般情况下,动词词尾加 ed ,如: workworked; playplayed;want wanted; actacted (2)以不发音的 e 结尾动词,动词词尾加 d,如: livelived; movemoved; decidedecided; declinedeclined; hopehoped; (3)以辅音字母 + y结

原式 过去式 过去分词(past participle) go went gone come came come see saw seen do did done watch watched watched get got gotten(或got) have had had use used used buy bought bought listen listened listened draw drew drawn paint

worked washed finished studied played empty是形容词,没有过去式 shaved watched stayed arrived wanted walked

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