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1-5ccBAD 6-10ACCCA 11-20BBBAB 2.activities 3.volleyball 4.most 5.waterfall1.have 2.went 3.diaries 4.interesting 1.the best films 2.stayed most of3.many specials tall as1-5GEBFD1.went 2.was 3.spent 4.visited 5.ate 6.delicious 9.feindly 10.time

1 问: 数学周报你有八年级数学周报华东师大版19-26期的答案吗? 答: 详情>> 2 英语周报答案 回答 2 3 英语周报第3期答案.. 回答 2 4 英语周报2958期答案 回答 2 5 英语周报33期 回答 2 1 问: 英语周

english weekly,unit3-unit5英文每周,单元3单元5

已解决问题 收藏 求英语周报高一下新课程版47-51期答案. 50 标签:周报 答案,英语,周报 RT. Anthony. 回答:2 人气:9 解决时间:2009-07-21 15:34 检举 49期: 1-5 DACCA 6-10 BACCA11: of the many difficlut problems12: have they

----英语周报答案---- 标题:初2:第23期:初二上学期期中综合能力检测题答案 听力部分 I.1-5 BACAC II.6-10 CCBCC III.11-15 FTFTF IV.参照原文 笔试部分 I.15 CCBDA II.A) 6.home town 7.celebrate 8.Nobody 10.turning B) 1115

1-5cacbc 6-10abbcb a.make b.blown c.die d.hundreds of years d.envrionmentally friendly 11-15dbcad 16-20bacad 21-25abbdc 26-30dbdca 31-35bcbac 36-40ddabb aadbc 46-50dbcad 5.fix 52.village 53.reach 54.wealthy 55.cause 56.put,out 57.

1.competetion 2. wonderful 3.dreamed climb 5.kinds 6.have been 7. has gone 8. have tried 9.haven't finished 10.has seen 1. anywhere 2.most delicious 3.Italian 4.western 5.him1.How many times2.haven't eaten 3. have enjoyed themselves 4.Has climbed 5. Has Betty been to the Great Wall with her parents many times?

我需要八年级新目标八年级八年级英语周报答案第二期? 我要提问 我需要八年级新目标八年级八年级英语周报答案第二期 匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 1 问: 2008到2009 八年级上 英语周报 新课标 答案

八年级上册数学周报答案【篇一:数学学习方法报答案八上】txt>第2版“专项小练(1) 一次函数的图像1,3. 2,a 3.c 4,b 5,a(2) 一次函数的应用1(1)18000 (2)y=-1/2x的平方+10x+180002,203,50,5,y=-10t+50 4,y=x,3,85,m的坐标为(0,5)或(-8,4)

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